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Sritech Robo Club is the Best Robotics Training Institute in Chennai for kids and school students. In our Robotics classes, students are trained with practical Robotics kits like Techknow Kits which is the India's fastest Robotics Training kit. We prepare our students for Robotics Competition like Indian Robotics Olympiad (IRO), World Robotics Olympiad (WRO), FLL, I-BOT. Our mission is to inspire young talented kids to pursue their further studies and careers in the field of science and technology - Robotics. We are very proud in making 2000 students per year to become Heroes in Science and Technology - Robotics field. Study any of our Robotics course and become an expert in Robotics within 4 weeks.

  • No.261, 1st floor, Kilpauk garden road, Kilpauk
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